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With toy tent led the children to play together to enhance friendship

by:Muzi     2020-04-19
Summer vacation is to the parents will bring their own home children go out to play? Take their children to play not only can increase the child's knowledge at the same time also can enhance the affection between parents and children, when children and we as a friend to play for children also have a very good form! If you go out to play go with children, remember to take the toy tent can also lay in rest! Why with the toy tent? The following several parents can see oh! Toys, tents, camping can build more parent-child time camping is need to prepare the whole family together, from the purchase of equipment, set system tent to outdoor cooking, are belong to the family activities. In the process, the exercise of the child and family collaboration, communication, forces, family feelings will be more intimate. When camping, and children sitting on the grass, tired lay down in a tent, a to belong to your time, good an in-depth conversation with the child, let you into the child's inner world, to eliminate the gap between each other. Second, children can improve the ability in the process of camping we often in order to develop children's intelligence, but neglected the cultivating hands-on ability. To teach a fish, is better than to fish, mom and dad, after all, not in children around forever, so let the children improve ability, to take care of yourself is more important. Let children wondering how to set up a tent, is to exercise the ability of the children's hands and brain. Let the children themselves trying to prepare a picnic, feel the fun in cooking labor. No matter how taste do, because they are for my own use of sweat, feel very delicious! Three, camping can let your children play happy love to play is the nature of each child, just let him enjoy the muscle in the forest, he is happy to play at the same time, your body and mind will be refreshed. All this, let a person feel the moment of children, is his real appearance. Four, camping can cultivate children's ability to relate to people of today's children are mostly only children, fewer opportunities for contacts with other friend at ordinary times, although there are many peers, but that is our own familiar ways. So, parents can take advantage of the children to outdoor activities, encourage them to actively communicate with other friend. Five, camping is the best way to child zero contact with nature growth of children in the city, now basically said goodbye to the nature of many species. Cicadas, butterflies, dragonflies, gecko, fireflies. 。 。 。 。 。 The company we grew up, now basically has disappeared in the cities. Take children to outdoor, breathing the fresh air at the same time, let him feel life comprehend nature! Children in contact with nature heartily go to see, to listen to, to touch, to fully satisfy their curiosity and active exploration. Take children camping the significance of six, camping let the children know the world real children now, through the small computer can see the big world outside, but also across a thin layer of the screen in the middle. Children growing up in such an environment, can really understand this world? To know the composition of the world, in addition to the city, and nature; In addition to the classroom, and the fields; In addition to the toys, and trees; In addition to cartoons, and the little squirrel; And how can let the child know the real world? Only go out and go into the real nature, in the natural environment, has a similar life experience. In this way, can open eyes, open your heart, know what's it like in the real world. Feel the nature bring to our life, with children play together is our advice to parents! Love their children, please hurry up! If there is a need to buy toys, tents, pet tents, beach tents, telephone contact us!
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