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will festival of champions have a 2015 encore at gladstone?

by:Muzi     2020-03-19
Success in America. S.
Earlier this month, the Equestrian Federation\'s championship dress-up festival in Gladstone attracted local residents and other supporters, calling for repeat performances on and after 2015.
Number of competitors and spectators participating in the national championship sponsored by the company du TA
Impressive, adding local pride to the renovated United StatesS.
He served as the foundation of equestrian groups in the Olympic Training Center.
\"This place is filled with the tradition of international competition in the United States,\" said former American athlete Anne gribang. S.
Technical consultant for dressing up and acting as a judge during the festival.
Gribbons, a member of the USEF high-performance Dressage Committee, added: \"for the dressage, it\'s beautiful enough, viable and intimate to not get lost in a corner of a huge venue.
She added: \"This is our own place, which means that we can choose dates and organize venues based on the wishes of the athletes and the high performance of the USEF, instead of holding tournaments as part of another show or business facility.
\"Gladstone\'s position is important in the world of horses.
This is a spectacular place with a lot of history and should not be ignored.
The events they hold there are always great, \"said Linda Dietz, who owns the red tail Farm in Bedminster and is the president of Oldwick Mane Stream treatment ride.
\"I think this is something that should be here forever.
\"However, in 2013, the tournament was held in Kentucky, and there are rumors that they will hold the 2014 tournament in California.
But international rider Kathryn Hada steerer spoke to several riders from the northeast during the Devon dress-up competition in last September, and he felt confident to return to Gladstone
The tournament was the tryout of the otchferi world equestrian competition held in France in August, and therefore traveled from the East Coast to Europe, not California, saying: \"It looks like the most feasible and logical place. \".
Mr. Taylor concluded that raising bonuses for potential team members who had to stay in Europe for two months to help pay costs would be a turning point.
\"As an athlete representative of the high-performance Dressage Committee, she spent a week in January seeking funding from 26 donors, mainly from New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut and Ohio.
\"When it is announced that we have raised $150,000, it is hard to say no,\" Taylor explained . \".
Ironically, despite all the qualifications, she did not participate in the tournament, but decided to stay in Europe and show there after receiving the grant.
Taylor felt that her Mane Stream Hotmail was not ready for WEG yet and noted that her absence left a place for the nameless Laura Graves ---
In addition to Dietz, he also formed a WEG team with verdad, with donors including Julia Greifeld, board member of Mane Stream at the White House station, and Paula Runnells at Oldwick, they all felt strongly about keeping Gladstone\'s title.
Greifeld was passionate about the event and he said, \"I love that venue and I can\'t get enough of it and I think it\'s a great thing for anyone to use it.
I\'m really happy with some of our homes.
The people at the headquarters showed so beautifully.
\"She points out, like Diz, that she also accepts the call from Taylor, because the rider took the mane stream prefix for her horse, this made her exhibitions at home and abroad recognized by the organization.
Runnells\'s contribution has also expanded to open her home to officials so they can stay there and the event saves hotel expenses.
\"I hope to see it here every year,\" she said . \" She noted that Gladstone\'s work to improve indoor rings, foundations and other upgrades provided a justification for expanding its use.
Now, Taylor is ready to work again as he returns the festival to Gladstone.
\"Many people on the east coast, from north to south, respect Gladstone very much and think it is the place to hold these quality events,\" she said . \".
\"In the future, we hope to continue to do so as much as possible.
\"She thinks it is necessary\" to advertise and create events that audiences know will be held every year.
I don\'t understand why Gladstone can\'t become an international show.
I think this is a huge improvement for our sport.
Dressed-up coach Robert Dover believes Gladstone has a lot of potential, and he believes that with the influx of spectators, more competition promotion will pay off.
He wants to see \"The Champions Day become a brand competition, just as Devon\'s costumes are branded year after year and become a traditional event.
It brings all the different factors that make a performance successful.
He cited trade fairs and social events that helped attract audiences. Dover, a non-
Voting members of the high-performance Dressage Committee also pointed out that the selection test does not necessarily have to be part of the festival and should be held at an appropriate time, noting that six years ago, when the Olympic Games were held on the other side of the Chinese Pacific, they\'re in California.
However, when the situation is not as it is at this point, Dietz argues, \"If you can have it on the East Coast, you will get better competition, because there are a lot of passengers on the coast who are having trouble flying to California to compete, and they can drive to participate.
She says many riders in California are \"good\"
Sponsorship, so the cost (of travel)
Don\'t put too much pressure on them like \"go to Gladstone.
Diz believes that famous local drivers like Heather Mason who participated in the intermediary I championship will not be able to travel to California, and Mason agrees.
\"It must have cost money --
\"It was daunting for me,\" she commented . \" She explained that there was no sponsorship for her own competition.
In addition, she felt that the atmosphere of the foundation was part of the structure of the event.
Bonnie Jenkins, executive director of the Foundation, said the organization would be happy to host the festival again.
\"The whole week of the costume Championship and the para-
Costume dance tournament
Held the week before)
We had a lot of people, and the tents we visited were sold too much, and they both extended out.
Jenkins explained, \"earlier this fall, the federation will start making decisions about next year.
We certainly hope they will come back here, but I have not received any confirmation yet.
However, she pointed out that \"there are some special types of competitions besides festivals --
It is wise that we can do it here and will continue to do it here, and perhaps there are some new ones that we have not done before. \"ON THE RAIL --
The Rutgers horse science center took part in an open day at fair wind farm in Cream Ridge today as \"horse Moon\" ended in New Jersey.
There will be a trip to Hogan\'s veterinary facilities with the opportunity to see the mare and foal, as well as the opportunity to learn about the horse and horse industry.
The center also presents the interactive Youth Portal Equine Science 4 Kids on its website.
Other attractions include a demonstration and a meeting of Frier-
Say hello to retired horse racing India.
Event from 1-4 p. m.
No. 74 red Valley Road, Cream Ridge
Ask women to wear the right shoes, don\'t open
Shoes or high heels.
Today\'s event: 246 Burnt Hill Road, Skillman, Hunter Farm, North Princeton, performing jumps; N. J.
400 South of 130 Road, Logan Township, Gloucester County Dream Park quarterly Horse Association Youth Exhibition;
Racecourse, New Jersey, Highway 524, Allentown;
Spotted Toad equestrian show at Hunter farm North, 246 Burnt Hill Road, Skillman;
Pony breeder & owner Show, New Jersey, Delaware Valley Horse Soldiers Association show, 299 Ringoes-
Rosemont Road, sakintsville;
14 Howell Maxim Road full blessing farm dress dance performance;
Baymar Farm Show, 38 port morgenville Road;
1555A real school performance in Palermo, Bedminster burn Mills Road;
Bell Clare Farm Show, 633Main St. Stewart sville;
Briarwood Show Black River Farm, 20 Ringo Boss Road.
Tuesday: Show at West Milford equestrian center, 367 United Valley Road, Newfoundland.
Wednesday: North Princeton, Hunter Farm, 246 Burnt Mountain Road, Skillman performs a jump (
By next Sunday);
Sussex County amusement park Sussex county welfare show Augusta Plain Road.
Saturday: The costume dance match in the park. J.
Allen, 524, Highway (
By next Sunday);
Dance show at farm 640 Powell Road, East Ampton;
Spotted Toad equestrian show at Hunter farm North, 246 Burnt Hill Road, Skillman;
NJPHA show Duncraven 1300 Trenton-
Port ton Road, Titusville;
Autumn rider show, East Freehold show, Kozloski Road, Freehold;
Garden State paint will show that Mengyuan, Gloucester County, Highway 400, 130, Logan Township (
By next Sunday).
Next Sunday: drive show, Delaware Valley Mariners Association, 299 Ringo-
Rosemont Road, sakintsville;
Monmouth County exhibition, east free market exhibition venue, Kozloski Road, free market.
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