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Where is the difference between a camping tents and military tents

by:Muzi     2020-05-08
Camping tent is now more popular tent epidemic, a number of outdoor enthusiasts are a problem, and military tents, camping tent where the difference? Many people will confuse camping tents and military tents, military tents actually from the structure, performance and features will be able to clearly distinguish. Of course, this does not mean that camping tent is not good enough, can only say that is suitable for different people. Is just like an adult one day can eat 1 catty, and a child one day 2, 3 two food can eat of full, demand determines their different quality. Tents, military tents, military tents, also called construction has dispatched, relief tents, tents, etc. , it is considered one of the categories tent. Mainly used for field investigation, exploration, disaster relief, such as camping wild lives long/short term use. Military tents and is the biggest difference between ordinary outdoor camping tent frame structure and the area, the disaster relief tents stent usually adopt 3 0 cmx3cmx wall thickness. 2 cm square tube welded together, have a strong bearing capacity and the ability to resist wind, snow fabrics using canvas ( ) Felt ( C) Oxford cloth ( ) Three layer structure, this way can ensure the warm in winter and cool in summer, heat preservation, cold resistance in the account. Military tents from the same appearance and the roof, roof, window screen, transparent plate and so on. Size to 6 m x 4. 6 meters, the most common height on the basis of military bunk bed height. Also known as outdoor camping tents, camping tent tent, tourism tents, mountaineering tents. 。 。 Mainly pay attention to in the design of this type of tent is modelling and weight, because outdoor play need to travel long distances, tent too heavy will lead to physical fitness, tourism tents there are two of the most commonly used to support, respectively is glass fiber reinforced plastic rod and aluminium alloy rod. The most common type area with 2 people space. Although military tents and camping tents are used outdoors, but the fabric is quite different, military tents to the requirements of the fabric is much higher than the camping tents, waterproof coefficient and fabric quality, have very big difference.
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