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When using a camping tents outdoor should pay attention to the problem

by:Muzi     2020-05-12
Now a lot of people like the wild camping activities, summer camp to go out at night is more convenient. Of course we are camping outside the use of camping tent is also have to pay attention to the problem, otherwise affect our safety is bad. Here is a look at use when camping tents outdoor must pay attention to the problem. Camping tents accident type processing methods: 1. Wind and rain and shock the people who live in the city for a long time when camping, see lightning and hear thunder often easy to panic hands and feet, in fact don't worry, as long as you don't rack camp in the mountains or bare parts of the highest terrain, risk is reduced a lot. When lightning avoid standing under a choleric, hands on metal stuff best discarded. 2 camping, mountain flood when should pay attention to the flow of water, beach camping alluvial land is poor, but when the flood comes also bear the brunt, after the rain should take action to change a camp, or you will have the possibility of washout by floods. 3, rose water and fire if someone drowning, first need to clear the mouth of foreign bodies, and implement 'cardiac massage' and 'breathing', and to understand the medical personnel as soon as possible, try not to pressure to the wounded in the stomach, from the abdomen extrusion, is likely to block his throat. 4, insect bite prevention swarm attacks the most important thing is that from honeycomb, if inadvertently be poisonous bee sting to, want to use soap containing alkaline cleaning as soon as possible, and to water or ice.
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