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What's it like in our common camping tents!

by:Muzi     2020-05-15
A lot of people go camping, especially in some of the night, and many of the students will also have practice in summer vacation, in some places practice is to choose the relatively remote place, that place can only can only set up tents, that a lot of people have experienced! Where the mosquitoes are larger toxins, and we have different place to the mosquito, so we choose the tents to must choose suitable for tent, what are our common tent? Camping tents wholesalers tell you! Common type of tent 1, family account. Family road trip with the big tent, its characteristic is very large shoulder personal special trouble, suitable for car, its function also is more, the price is very expensive, travel don't buy the family account wrong. 2, tunnel. It's perfectly designed using the requirements of the human body curve, its bulk up relatively simple random, at the same time, single bed, turn up is also very convenient. 3, mountain tents. High mountain breeze big, the climate is cold, and so are the characteristics of wind resistance is very good, warmth retention property good, also suitable for the mountains, camping, like to highlands also is right choice. 4, the four seasons. In the consumer market, this class is more common, it has heat preservation and breathe freely use, suitable for some climate changeful camping areas like early wear fur jacket lunch yarn around the stove 'eat watermelon' in the name of a desert, very suitable. 5, and three quarters. Compared with the four seasons of this class is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn three elder sister, suit we southerners use, in the hot, dry, can play a good shading effect, and rainy days, when air pressure is low, high permeability, to ensure that the people living in it will not feel uncomfortable. About the classification of the camping tents and introduce to here, you can see oh! Especially have camping plans, this still has a bigger role for us, choose the suitable for our own products, so when you go to sleep at night will feel more convenient, our children tent manufacturer, can be wholesale camping tents and children made the princess castle tents, has the need to can telephone contact us!
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