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What are the pitfalls of choosing a camping tent?

by:Muzi     2020-05-11
When we choose a camping tent, many people pay attention to the size of the tent, first is less about the other, camping tent factory here, when we choose a camping tent not only see the surface of the tent, the other side of the tent is important, then he said to choose the camping tents, several big mistake. 1. Foreign account waterproof index is higher, the better. Tent hydraulic pressure is facing the impact of raindrops, because the tent is soft, so the rain will produce cushion, into a hydrostatic pressure of about 600 mm to 800 mm, no more than 1000 mm, so the waterproof index of 1000 mm is enough. 2. Camping tents, the lighter the better. Light is the trend of the development of outdoor. In order to realize the lightweight, many tents tents manufacturers can sacrifice reliability and comfort to realize the lightweight, thereby reducing D value ( Daniel coefficient, said yarn thickness) , rod diameter 'contract'. Light tent is not suitable for everyone, if we must choose lightweight tents, tents or advised to choose a brand, quality is guaranteed. 3. Double silicone fabric must be better than that of single crystal silicon fabric double silicone fabric has stronger tear resistance, able to adapt to the bad weather, not easy ageing, the service life of the tent is higher; Monocrystalline silicon can be compressed waterproof tape, so the waterproof index is generally higher than a silicon, good resistance to water. Want to choose a good quality camping tent, might as well to choose a mature professional camping tent manufacturer, so we buy camping tent is sure the quality is good, I hope this article can help you choose a camping tent.
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