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What are the important factors in the novice how to choose a camping tent

by:Muzi     2020-05-13
After a week's busy work, everyone wants to go out for a walk, come into contact with more things, outside to relax mood. Camping is a good choice, so can contact more fresh life, make life more pleasant. Camping out, however, tent but necessary thing in the world! But the novice to understand for the tent is not much, don't know where to start, it would be very uncomfortable, said the important factor of novice below can remember! Types have a lot of outdoor tents, according to the size of the structure, the overall material, using occasions, and so on into a lot of kinds, so for the hiking friends, choose the right tent is critical. A type 1, tents, the four seasons. In the consumer market, this class is more common, it has heat preservation and breathe freely use, suitable for some climate changeful camping areas, like 'early wear fur jacket lunch yarn around the stove eat watermelon' in the name of the desert, is very suitable. 2, three seasons. Compared to the four seasons, it reveal three quarters adaptability refers to the spring, summer, autumn three season, it is suitable for use in the south, in the hot, dry, can play a good shading effect, and rainy days, when air pressure is low, high permeability, to ensure that the people living in it will not feel uncomfortable. 3, mountain tents. High mountain breeze big, the climate is cold, and so are its biggest characteristic is to wind resistance is very good, warmth retention property good, also suitable for the mountains, camping, like to highlands also is right choice. 4, the family account. Family road trip with the big tent, its characteristic is very large, shoulder a special trouble, suitable for car, its function also is more, the price is very expensive, travel don't buy the family account wrong. 5, tunnel. It's perfectly designed using the requirements of the human body curve, its bulk up relatively simple random, at the same time, single bed, turn up is also very convenient. 2, the choice of tents stent tents stent type on the general market is divided into two kinds, one kind of material is glass fiber, is better than heat resistance, is easy to brittle, and the other is alloy material, alloy material in the aviation aluminum alloy material is more, its toughness natural to be a lot higher than the glass fiber, three types of common 6061606 5 3707. Aluminum alloy compared with glass fiber, should depend on structure of spectrum, but travel natural exquisite a light line, while the latter obviously does not accord with the idea, if long-term go out is to choose quality light bracket, can reduce the journey because travel to receive a package to take to person's fatigue. Three, how to choose and buy 1, if it is tent online purchase, you must indicate when the search will take you to your place, if say 'mountaineering tents' or 'outdoor camping tents, etc. , it can filter out a lot of useless information, then according to the number of choices, if is single, had better choose single tents, because is light and outdoor travel. Some tents are not waterproof, so the choose and buy when, must choose waterproof, not afraid of ten thousand afraid of one thousand. 2, some large sports equipment store in all can, they don't like to shop around online, the price of natural out some more expensive, but you can buy detailed inquiries related knowledge, and can actually test the weight of it, we feel a physical store to buy more. 3, if once in a while a go outdoor camping, you can choose to rent a tent, a lot of places can be loaned to, the price is not expensive, especially family, single buy too lost, loan more affordable, and are more likely to live in, and be more comfortable. In the wild camping is not only to prevent natural wind and rain, also need to be protected against the beast, butch wolves won't mention, is not a man of the dream itself, generally how dangerous place and go camping, camping in the scenic area, the need to prevent is insects and mosquitoes, so at the time of building, must be careful, otherwise they have an opportunity.
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