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Using pet tent with pet hang out attention

by:Muzi     2020-05-28
With the use of pet tent is more and more widely! Rest shovel excrement officers always like to go out to play with his family pet, outing, pet tent door the master in land use, the people who have pets are happy, but will have some problems with pets go out together, then take the pet out for an outing play while, what need to be aware of? First, take enough food, to ensure that the pet can eat, hungry pets dangerous. Second, to pay attention to is the pet waste to deal with; Pet defecate indiscriminately to public environment is bad, master carrying shovels shit tools is a quality performance, also more easy to win the goodwill of others, clean pets also can attract more people. Third, is to bring the quarantine permit, health certificate, please. Travel to take out of the usually bring pets, quarantine permit can go to the local open, time limitation, the plane on the strength of the quarantine permit to pet check in, is checked, in the separation of people and pets, on aerobic warehouse, so want to have the cage, is no aerobic hold some cheap flights. The train also want to sign with the formalities, also want to separation and pet, pet put into place on the coach. Fourth, bring pets to go out, and at the same time to keep a pet, don't let them bite or contact with strangers. Take traction rope, especially large pet, you must wear well, prevent accidents. Fifth, this is for a dog, is very important, supplement moisture is a top priority. Especially in the summer, the dog dog body moisture evaporation rate will be very fast. So the owner must be the moisture with compensatory and enough attention to them, thus to avoid dehydration. Especially the breeding method in the home, feel this short nose dogs parents more pay attention to, this kind of dog is better than other dogs is not heat-resistant.
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