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by:Muzi     2020-04-27
Tent is every outdoor enthusiasts need a must-have items, wholesale also said the outdoor camping tent tents can be folded when not in use is very small, outdoor camping tents for outdoor enthusiasts, quality directly determines the survival environment, so in use at ordinary times also to pay attention to protect good tent, so today let children tent makers said use of the tent. Camping tents wholesale about using tent note 1, after each trip will both inside and outside account and curtain rod, nails clean, clear main object for the snow, rain, dust, mud, grass and insects. 2, tents shall not use the washing machine to clean, can be washed, hand rubbing and washing with water method, the use of alkaline cleaner, placed ventilated place order after cleaning, folded into receive bag stored in a dry, cool place, the tent or regular fold, because many use tents, fold neat too law can make the crease hardening tear out. 3, pay attention to when using tent do not wear shoes into the tent, as the sole joint of dirt and gravel account within extremely easy to cut, such as from face losing waterproof meaning. 4, avoid tent cooking, smoking, high temperature and flame to the harm of the tent, if bad weather outside must be cooking in the account, is under the furnace head mat aluminium film or other heat insulation, open all the doors and Windows of tents. 5, account lighting at night to avoid using candles unprotected open items as lighting props, try to use the head lamp, flashlight and tents for camping. 6, before going to bed, please place the climbing equipment and ropes and professional equipment both inside and outside the tent or a corner of the bill before the entrance hall, in case when sleeping at night [touching the sharp objects to the tent, if there is any damage, should be real-time repair is in order. Tent quality is very important, also there are many different brands of different materials on the market tents, are of different price different natural quality according to the different living environment to choose the most suitable tent, teil leisure supplies co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of children tent, beach tent in need welcome to inquire.
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