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Use camping tents before it at eight o 'clock you know

by:Muzi     2020-05-24
Tents are necessary tools, outdoor tourism had tent is in the open air to have an own small home, whether it is sunny or rainy day is a very good shelter. Now many people like the wild camping because of outdoor air and scenery are better than in the city, so the tent sales is very good, so if buy the tent should know the use of camping tents knowledge at 8 o 'clock. 1, what is the role of the air holes? Air holes role is to make the tent inside and outside air flow, air holes can also be closed at the same time, when the account closed air holes, when the temperature is too low, can prevent cold air to enter. 2, what kind of fabric tent waterproof effect is good? Tent fabric waterproof processing general points, PA coating, PU coating and calendering three kinds of PVC, PU coating is the PU mucilage on the fabric, so the coating quality of a material soft, feel is good, strong waterproof performance and aging. PA coating resistant to water pressure, PVC is a layer of PVC calendering film pressure on the fabric, the thick heavy, easy to crease, aging, prone to brittle hardens when it meets cold. What is the characteristics of 3, tents wind rope? Wind rope can single hand operation, adjust the lengths and elastic. 4, tents can have the function of warm? Tent can have the effect of moderate isolation of cold air, do not do heat preservation equipment use, warm tasks are done by a sleeping bag. 5 how is ventilated breathe freely, tent? Single is through the air holes, breathable screen door and window screen; Double tent tent material itself is breathable material, and a screen window and screen door, outside the tent and air holes. The characteristics of the six, net yarn is what? The main characteristic of the tent door, window gauze is breathable and prevent mosquito and insect to enter. 7, what is a tent condensation; How to prevent this from happening? People in tent camps exhale steam drip down along the inner wall is formed after the cold air outside, this kind of situation is called condensation. In general single tent is hard to avoid the happening of tents condensation, double tent account breathable, can prevent dewing. 8, the action of skirt is what? Floor skirt hem at the bottom of the invasion, which can effectively prevent the wind from tents to tents and the function of the degree of thermal stability. At eight o 'clock this field tent is very use of knowledge, later if you want to go camping at eight o 'clock must remember this, only recognize the role of tents, tents can be strengths to play out.
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