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Type of tent in different seasons are different

by:Muzi     2020-05-25
Camping is a lot of people would choose the activity, this is an experience of outdoor environment very good method. Sometimes there will be a lot of travelers can travel together, at that time need our camping tents wholesale company to provide you with the tent. Do you know the type of tent in different seasons are different? Let's tell you camping tents wholesale manufacturers use different season tent type. Summer camp type is single, fairly ventilation, is a kind of the bottom of the canopy to add a layer of nylon, ventilation, belong to low altitude camping, it can resist rain, design considerations focuses on ventilation followed by resistance to weather, usually the top window screen mesh for ventilation, the underlying for nylon fabric, with no account, color light inside, won't make too much sun exposure the other people can't stand, cannot resist strong wind belt, taking account only can withstand the light rain outside. Used three season refers to the XueQi tent, its differences in camp column, it can withstand strong wind and a bit of snow, most of the tents have breathable waterproof nylon inside account with better outside account, account is a double door, a layer of gauze, internal moisture can give tent, tent door is larger, this tent for three days to one week's activity, is a forest or not overly exposed terrain open camp. The above is our camping tent tell you wholesale manufacturers use different season tent type of relevant content. If you need to buy tent, please select teil we wholesale children's tent factory. Our camping tents, wholesale price, it is very breathtaking. If you manufacturer for children tent, camping tent, wholesale children's princess castle tents made there is one thing need to know, welcome to inquire us teil wholesale children's tent manufacturer, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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