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tim roxborogh\'s travel bugs: do caravan campers think they\'re superior to tent campers?

by:Muzi     2020-03-16
Sing for the joy of your holiday every week.
Coca-Cola v Pepsi, Holden v Ford, Superman v Batman, Federer v Nadal, Seinfeld v Newman, all black v Jump, Oates Hall, Sydney v Melbourne.
These are all undisputed. in-place, top-
The most intense competition in the world
Or I think so, because in the past few weeks, the summer camping season in New Zealand has been full, and there is another competitor on the list, it may only be necessary to bump one of the famous competitors from its position (
Though certainly not Hall v. Oates)
: Caravan campers and tent campers.
As someone who has traditionally tried their best to avoid camping, I underestimated how intense the competition would be.
While this may be \"vicious\" in the sense of the Cold War, not \"vicious\" in the sense of the Second World War, the course of battle is true.
They mean literally sometimes.
Just like my friends have just returned from the annual camping holiday, they are filled with stories about the camp scandal and gossip, including the arrogance of the RV campers who erected the temporary fence. Gasp!
Yes, indeed, there are some people who are shaking up. cool-for-
The campers of the school caravan decided that they did not like the campers of the low tents walking past their pimped-out vacation-
There are mobile phones on the way to the central facility block on the ground.
It doesn\'t matter. This is a well-
You won\'t go camping if you want complete privacy.
No, no, these campers only like their own companies.
Completely violated the etching-in-
The campers intend to create an isolated society.
Every night, when they brag about who has the best outdoor furniture, they will like expensive drinks.
They will let the kids play with the other campers.
But not the cunning.
The children\'s eye tents camp.
Every morning they would wake up and see a part of the fence pulled up, possibly under the cover of darkness, a disgruntled tent camper.
When it comes to arrogance, how good is this feeling when your bag is the first one on the airport turntable?
You are separated from passengers like Moses and the Red Sea and are very clear that they want them to be you.
I recently told 25-
Wait a minute for my bag and if it weren\'t for several other passengers on the same boat, I would think it was missing.
In the end, the bag slapped on that small flying door and saw it on the carousel, but 25-in front-
It took them a few minutes to get to know the decreasing amount of luggage as they walked around.
Or, it\'s an embarrassment to grab the wrong bag and have to awkwardly put it back in front of everyone.
The decision to cross the road without the little green man and then realize after a few steps that you have to give up is also an equally embarrassing moment. The loser-
The retreating dom returned to the side of the road. . .
Tim Roxborogh hosts Newstalk roxborosneport ZB\'s group and blog last weekend. com.
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