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The summer is the perfect occasion for togetherness

by:Muzi     2020-08-09

How Regular Household Items Can Be Used in Your Games

Everyday things from your home can be the props in the mock scenes you create. An amusing game to play at home is to imagine that you run an emergency room or doctor's office. Have the kids gather a stuffed toy or other toy and then use things from around your home that can serve as make-believe doctor's tools. Most houses are jam-packed with odd trinkets that can be made into surgical kits. You can also do another variation of this game by pretending to run a television studio where the news is being reported. A Teddy bear or other toys can be used as part of the make-believe scenes that your child and you are reporting to the pretend audience.

Go on a Make-Believe Safari

A game that is particularly entertaining is to create the illusion of being out in the wild, such as on a safari journey. Take out extra large sheets and tie the ends into chairs, the sofa, or to anything in the room that will hold steadily. Wrap the sheets so that thechildren feel like they are hidden by large forest trees or in the thick brush where the wild creatures can't see them. If you have a pair of binoculars, give them to the kids to make it feel more real. Have your kids gather all of the stuffed creatures and animal figures they can find and set them up throughout the room, mostly hiding from view, and then use the binoculars to peek on them. Ask the children to call the names of the animals as they find them and then make the sound of that animal. They always have a blast with this game!

Bring the Fun Outdoors

An inexpensive, yet really active thing to do is to go out as a family for a ride on bicycles. If you have younger children, you can bring them with you in a trailer attachment where they can be seated in a secured cart. For smaller trips, some kids might want to use their skateboard to get through the ride. To make it even more interesting, take your time and give the kids things to find along the way, like a treasure hunt. Things like birds, flowers, or squirrels can all be great things for everyone to call out as they spot them. This game also works beautifully on a nature walk and can teach children about nature and their environment.

Fun in the Evenings

As the sun sets, the fun doesn't have to end! Set up a tent in the back of your house along with binoculars for star gazing. If you have a firebowl or a small charcoal barbeque, you can make a wood fire for them. Have the kids find some long sticks for browning s'mores. If you have a few days open this summer, go camping at a local lake or beach and extend your time enjoying nature! These suggestions will surely give you and your children some quality time together to learn, grow, and laugh.

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