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The princess castle children _ give the child a fairy tale dream

by:Muzi     2020-04-26
Every child has the right to have a nice childhood. Now the development of society, people's living standards are constantly changing and improving. To become large and medium-sized fantasy has been in the heart. Children's princess castle tent order can well satisfy many children dream of fairy tales, give children a better choice and childhood. This time, children's tent manufacturer for you to say a simple. Every child needs to rest and play space, a small tent can play a big pleasure, let the children happy to play. Small tents of the space is not large, just a small place, even if your home no children room, that also can put it in the corner of the sitting room or free. Children's tent manufacturer simply introduce the princess castle children tent to build. Children's princess castle tent order type with a dreamy color room, sofa tall tent direct roof, a white curtain and curtain texture similar to that of blown elegant. On the roof of the branches decoration, has brought the room natural breath. In this way, tent, the tent down the space increases, can make children have more places to play, flower design, gave the room a little pure and fresh sense. The adornment picture on the wall and enjoyable to read. The fireplace collocation of brunet side of the tent, make whole space filled with the breath of of primitive simplicity. The setting wall of fireplace design, very artistic feeling. A little chair in front of the fireplace was supplemented by room atmosphere of of primitive simplicity. Directly to set up on the bed, bed is a little, I think kids will love to sleep more. With the colour of wall of yellow substrate curtain and bring out the best in each other. A pony painted on each side of the tent of the pattern, the red pony running in the white curtain, ever let you think of the pony elves cartoons. Vivid and interesting. The branches hook on the wall design, increases the child items of interest. Red stripe pattern of tents, white room for increase the one bright spot. Two small cushion for leaning on is put in a small tent, increase the comfort children to play. A large area of carpet laid, can let the children to play. Purple little gecko and lovely, make this small tent very tong qu, couldn't help the dog into the tent and children play together. Setting wall 'MAX is the leaders' words, very interesting. In a corner of the room put a tent, different ordinary triangular shape tent, but small cylindrical tent, can save a space. The origin design the cap collocation of white curtain, and the color of whole space bring out the best in each other. In the attic of a small tent like will be good with children, the children climbed into the loft and not large space to become the children's world. Whole space colour profusion, inspire children infinite imagination. Little red star design tent, for drab space to add a bright spot. Form the backbone of the branches is added a third dimension to camp. Spread carpet on the floor, both can let the children free play and can avoid children hurt. Even the older children will enjoy the tent to build heaven and earth, one side on the sofa in his study it props up a big tent. Can read in the inside, when reading a book to see tired can also be inside a nap while, comfortable and at ease. Use the corner of the sitting room put a tent, tents and white sofa color unifies, the collocation of zebra pattern of carpet, very harmonious. When adults sitting on the sofa rest, let the children play in the side, can always look after the baby. Children's princess castle tent order can according to their child's preferences to simple customization. Ensure your household life and children's childhood life happiness. Give a better choice and help. Is now a lot of mothers are very like. Children made the princess castle tents, give children a better space, give children a better home.
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