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The holidays always bring to mind images of white

by:Muzi     2020-08-07

There is no doubt these warm orbs have a place in Christmas decorating, but their character can be added to numerous other items throughout the year. Indoor plants can have a sudden upgrade with the addition of a strand, think of them as the quintessential pearl for potted plants. Outside, the pathways and walkways can be nicely illuminated in an elegant manner by draping them across shrubs giving a welcoming vision to your guests.

If you spend a great deal of time entertaining outside, these are the perfect opportunity to transform the area to an enchanting occasion. Wrap the strand around trees, umbrella stands, hang from fence lines, drape over bushes or run along flowers. To add to the imagery, try using different sized or shaped bulbs. By placing these in the right places you will create a welcoming and memorable outdoor glow.

Do you have problems with areas you are trying to separate? Collect strands that are the length of the opening and let them hand down. This technique gives the impression of a waterfall. If this is not dramatic enough for your needs, find c timer which causes a chasing effect, this will provide the illusion of running water.

Children are especially fascinated with twinkles. As a great decorating tip fro children's bedrooms or play areas run mesh fabric and lights along the ceiling. You can create an effect of the inside of a tent, a cloudy sky, a wonderland, and many more. Your child will love it, and for a even greater effect coordinate the interior with the ceiling. Use color schemes and linens to add to the world you are creating for the child. This use of imagination will have them engaged for long periods in their room.

Want the feel of romance that candles just are not giving your home? Sheer fabrics and white Christmas lights are your answer. The glow created behind the fabric is soft and feminine. It works well for windows, bed posts and canopies. Want to spice it up a little? Try different colored sheer fabrics.

By intertwining these glowing orbs with various garlands or vine accents in your home, you give a sudden change to the room. You can wrap them around doors, poles, or outline windows to give that little added touch. Take small strands of orbs and place them into display cabinets for a feminine touch. The fireplace mantle is always a good place to put these decorations as well.

White Christmas lights have a wide range of uses, inside and out of the home. These versatile globes can be strategically placed to give a bonus decorative touch to any decor. They are an essential for the holidays and everyday living.

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