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The choose and buy of children tent should pay attention to what?

by:Muzi     2020-04-21
Tents when we go out to play is choose! In our life is much, but you for such a product is there to know? Children's tent is as good as a product, the child was more like the products! For our children's tent is the good choice, but we choose our children tent can follow our children tent manufacturer to learn together! The choose and buy method 1 children tent. It is recommended to use waterproof cloth or cloth to items such as to extend the life of the base cloth tents. 2. Since the support type tent ( Don't need to outsource support) Very easy to use. You can easily move its position, or shake the leaves above, dust under tents, snow, etc. But too lightweight tents, it is often difficult to support. 3. Four seasons account usually 10% heavier than three seasons account - 20% ( Is mainly due to the extra curtain rod) 。 While convertible account allows you to according to the situation to increase or decrease in curtain rod and adjust the ventilation. 4. To what you may encounter hard tough conditions as the standard of choosing tent, even though you don't intend to in the winter camp, but if you are an outdoor activities to be conducted in late autumn season, so, should choose a debt or convertible debt of the four seasons. 5. Capacity of the tent. Capacity of each manufacturer have their own respective standards. While the actual capacity is likely to be smaller than with the capacity of the. So we in the choice can be a very good help to us! But you are want to such products can telephone contact us! Our children tent manufacturer wholesale camping tents, children made the princess castle tent. Want to can telephone contact, but you have to call!
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