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Tent need to pay attention to the use of assembly and install these aspects

by:Muzi     2020-05-18
Tent is when people go out to play like to use a product, especially the evening want to play in the outdoor are used to, but about the use of the tent assembly, understand the installation place? If you have a need to use to the tent, you can look at the children's tent manufacturer to introduce the installation and assembly of the matters needing attention. Tent is one of our outdoor, in the process of using, people more concern is the problem of its building, the building it, there is a lot of skills. When installing it, need to assemble things ready, generally speaking, there are eight general stem and has good bonding fixed rope tee, in the three groups of end of cross into three groups of herringbone and connection, remove the general tee, in 4 root and end of stem of four-way framework; Through after assembly, the basic framework of tent is formed, then the whole cotton tank set in three groups on the shaft bracket, at this point we need to adjust the position, make the cotton tank tent on the shaft bracket middle pole, then outside tent set in three groups of a-frame cotton outside the tank, and adjust the position; Through many times after adjustment, the canvas tents set! Build seat is also very important, if you're in a high open area, should move down; Low humidity unbearable, if place should move up. Ideal location should be wind rain, can't flash flood flooded is relatively high, and there won't be threatened by falling rocks or avalanche. Hot air density is less than the cold air, so the bottom will often have cold air extraction, the temperature is low, very easy to form wet fog and frost. In some areas, along the slope has a lot of acceptance of the platform of the rain, there is wetter, slope is relatively dry some other department. Ideal location should also are near water, surrounded by plenty of trees, don't put the tent set up in the water too close to the place, it is easily disturbed by mosquitoes, and the sound of water will interfere with your decision, dangerous to also won't notice, or with the rescue team. These are more important! Used for a long time give you said is above has a great effect. If there is a need toys tents, pet tent, camping tent can contact children tent factory.
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