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Tent manufacturer how to consider the late production development

by:Muzi     2020-05-18
Speak of the tent, the first thought is the outdoor travel, travel for yearning is a kind of release of the self decompression, trip to avoid don't use the tent, and in the face of domestic large consumer crowd, the sharp growth in volume of tent manufacturer like flowers bloom in the flower, according to the current, the increase of the tent manufacturer, the quality of their products to be able to amount to mark? Domestic large-scale tent manufacturer mainly concentrated in the hebei area in the north and the south of jiangsu and zhejiang area, the manufacturers have very strong productivity, but there are many defects in the research and development, mainly to copy, usually to buy the brand new modelling tent, then slavish, this method is really good, at least can save a lot of the cost of research and development, to copy out, the quality can do the same? The answer is yes, of course not, if can do exactly the same as the brand can't live. The tents that sells on the market and brand tent indeed can't compete on quality, but between the factory and factory to have a spell, with many years observation of the north and south two tents and research, the contrast is very distinctive, both quality and price, the tent is much stronger than in the north of the south production. A simple example, the hometown of fishing gear in hebei 'cpmpany' buy a double glass rod tent, quality general price will not lower than 190 yuan, and buy the same shape of tents in the south, with a set of aluminum rod but also the price of 160 yuan. And in terms of quality is higher than the north process a lot. Tent manufacturer to the total number of hebei province in recent years the cpmpany area shrinking, from 36 out early to the shortage of the eight now, the main reason of this situation is caused by the north tent manufacturer cannot undergo price pressure in the south, low price is the south into the outdoor market in tent manufacturer. And enterprises in north China is not very good response. Although production tents will involve a lot of technical content, but it doesn't become the reasons for high prices, for those who want to buy tents, grab a merchant to buy thousands of miles away to can, anyway can to send express transplanting, the northern tent manufacturers should be aware of the seriousness of the problem, because the tent is not like a street lamp, street lamp huge transportation difficulties, street lamp factory built in any place can sell go out, even more expensive than other places can not to sell, because the customer to buy freight far too high. Tent is different, do not take any advantage geographical position, because now the shipping is too rich, tent manufacturers want to be in an impregnable position have to readjust the strategy, is the only way to save the market, adapt to the market.
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