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Tent makers said the design of the tent to consider what factors

by:Muzi     2020-05-19
We all know that tent is our second home, and can also be convenient for us in the outdoor shelter home, so now that the tent is so important, for the tent is extremely important in the design and material, it is these aspects will affect the price of the tent and performance, so making a high quality tent is very exquisite, the following is about the design of the tent to consider what factors. In terms of doors and Windows, tent ventilation is very important, so it is necessary to carefully observe the tent door window. Some doors have the effect of wind, and some as roof, to give you an additional accommodation, this is an ideal place to cook. Check the door of the zipper. A good tent will have two zipper, so that you can out of the top or bottom. Check the door rolled up to fix it. Some tents there will be a front porch, so they can make full use of the space in front of. Check the window now. Transparent window to ventilation, use of mosquito nets keep out, so even if you open the window to sleep, also won't be bitten by a mosquito. On a warm night, you will open the door to sleep, then make sure that the doors and Windows have a mosquito net. If your weight is not so strict, you can choose a few less extreme tents, there are hundreds of such tents. There are many different kinds of tents, quality and price difference is very big. China has a lot of tents, but the quality of different brand and design also can have very different. Another difference between different brand, big manufacturers will consider special customers. You'd think a double the size of the tent and two beds are the same. Wrong! Some double bed may make it harder for tents to allocation, unless they are very friendly to each other. Everything else is just ordinary comfort. If the weight and size is not the most important two factors select tents, we suggest you choose one more than you actually need two beds of the tent. For example, if you drive to travel, you can choose a larger tent, if necessary, you can put it out of the car. Tent design factors to consider, therefore, is very much, is, after all, we in the wild or outdoor place to sleep at night, must be safe and comfortable degree is high can, this is also the pressure of tent factory.
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