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Take children go out camping hamper the use of drugs to be effective!

by:Muzi     2020-04-19
The habit of people have to take their children out camping outside? With went camping will always bring a good tent, our children the princess castle tent order making tent is for children to play with, don't support out camping, choose a camping tent is a good choice, we have a wholesale camping tents, can buy. Take their children go out to play when we should pay attention to the use of drugs to prevent diseases and insect pests. Drugs to prevent harmful material harm 1, in tents at night is to use the lights first check to prevent the danger. Around 2, outside the tent, tent should use stones or other objects to be fixed, prevent winds. 3, night in and out of the tent to prefabricate ring, disturb around the tent material sea, prevent was raided. 4, point mosquito-repellent incense must pay attention to the fire, the use of iron boxes will mosquito-repellent incense on it, to send out mosquitoes smoke with air holes, not six fire at outside. After 5, in choosing a good campsite, sulfur, The snake) Or worm to spray around the campsite, prevent have the insect from entering the camp to hurt yourself. The use of the five can be very good guarantee our children's safety, if you want to take their children go out to play, it is necessary to buy camping tents of oh! Want to buy tents welcome contact us children tent manufacturer!
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