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Set camping tent in the part of the problem of how to solve

by:Muzi     2020-04-18
Now in the accelerating pace of city life, as a office worker friends in order to be able to alleviate the pressure of life, a lot of young people will choose the way to the wild camping to adjust their body and mind. Looking for a more open place, about a couple of friends living here on a night, but usually says the plan couldn't catch up with change, at the time of our tent is often tricky problems, analyze the tent for you when the common encountered problems and the solution! 1, tent pole bent? That root on the curved lever on a wall, and then from the other side to fill sand, DunShi after filling, to open a snappy, in bend ( V or U) Gently with a wooden hammer ( Stick) Knock, not paragraph to tube filling sand, repeat the above steps, straight to knock straight, the strength should be light. Knock straight rod after the wind strength is reduced, can search for a slightly rough pipe set here, increase the intensity. Such as rubber band connected to trouble when operating, but unload it again for the operation. Normally should be at the curtain rod bearing sets of aluminum or iron tubes, in order to increase strength. 2, tents to fill sand method, to add the purpose is to prevent sand aluminum tube becomes flat, produce die bending, to stress the aluminium tube plug root of bicycle steel is also increase the strength of the solution. 3, tents packaging problem some tents for packing is a little thing, it involve equipment of the interactions between the manufacturers and users. Often see some outdoor activities outside the tape, you will find that there is a difference between their tents with the domestic. So we should discard the old tent coat, converted to a sleeping bag or waterproof cloth set inside and outside to account, won't appear so tent in a backpack, walk so long longitudinal or walking than the length of the intermediate mountains is no tent far wide of the backpack, think about shouldering vertical hanging in the backpack tents and tie meat appearance such as reed, placed horizontally in the backpack, again afraid hit or fallen tree trunk. Set camping tent that is encountered when the related problems, in fact when you travel tent structures, problems are encountered, the attention to our website you will know more about the knowledge of the tent, if there is a need to buy toys, tents, beach tents, children tents these tents, also can telephone consultation.
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