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Reminder notes in the wild camping tent manufacturer

by:Muzi     2020-05-04
Like outdoor sports of the boys, in their daily conversation topics will be camping this activity, but because we girls for this knowledge is lack, only know the wild camping need tents, other did not know. Let a tent manufacturer to remind everybody wild camping note: 1, weather when camping trip the first the first thing to consider is the weather problem, must first before we start to check the local weather, try to avoid choosing a rainy day or so variable of the season. 2, rainproof windproof tents in the field, try to choose a good camp, reinforce the tent and enhance the waterproof performance, such as can be outside the tent with rainproof plastic cloth, raincoat, etc. , will be a variety of travel products placed in the tents of medium. Rain to observe the weather changes in front of the camp, travel experience seeing much more frequently will master is a big promotion. Because of the wind is not stable, conditional can take a wind anemometer, or according to the table below to check wind, might as well when a diary record one day one of the largest wind speed, in order to choose a wind encampment. 3, insect repellent because in the wild, snake bug infested, hard to avoid can be in camps near a fire, and then put the ashes sweep around the tent, the fire, can have heat preservation, and insect repellent drive midge effect, and the light can scare the snake, mouse and beasts, so fire will make life in the wild camping friends a sense of security. 4, prepare items because it is the wild camping, unlike all have in the home, in front of the camp must predict the unknown situation, make full of material preparation, be sure to take medicine and common hemostatic drugs and treatment of injuries, there is accident happened when standby. If you consider the wild camping, you need to pay more attention to the above four issues, prevent after departure will have bad camping experience, affect the mood. If you want to buy a tent, you can telephone contact us teil leisure, we mainly produce the camping tent, children tent, etc.
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