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Push and pull tent about how to choose? Children's tent manufacturer to say so

by:Muzi     2020-05-14
Now with the improvement of living standard, the kinds of tent is also more and more, such as the military tents, pet tent, push-pull tents and so on all have different kinds of tents, then today children tent manufacturer you say, the little knowledge in the push-pull tent, we will consider in choosing a tent for a long time how to choose a tent, even at the end of the day is in a daze, chose a tent manufacturer that today children is to teach people how to choose the push-pull tent. Look to push and pull loose surface: transfer of push-pull peng divided into smooth and matt. Smooth transfer of push-pull peng dominance in the market, should look beautiful and lively. However, matte to push-pull peng of the manufacturing process is relatively complicated and expensive. Although it doesn't look conspicuous, it can give a person a sense of reserve and stability. Look to push and pull loose appearance: besides using grid, printing and pure color design, mobile telescopic push-pull type awning also introduced some fashion design in recent years, such as powder enamel series and cartoon design. The depth of the design and color will not affect the mobile telescopic push-pull awning uv resistance. According to the relevant test, found the color on the surface of a + loose surface protection. Compared with the canopy light color and brunet canopy, ultraviolet push-pull canopy line B and other indicators in the same light transmittance. See adhesive: now, silver glue is mainly used for bonding quality of transfer of push-pull. Silver brand is the world's leading high-end electronic binders, its adhesiveness is very good. Of course, it is transferred to push-pull peng better adhesive. However, transfer of push-pull peng use after a period of time, due to the frequent exposure to the wind and the sun, also can part fall off, especially with the transfer of push-pull peng skeleton part of contact will be more obvious. See umbrella: in addition to the ordinary straight type and thirty percent telescopic transfer of push-pull, such as forty percent telescopic transfer of push-pull, it is more convenient to carry. In the transfer of push-pull peng in the cost of production, awning frame the proportion of relatively large, so in choosing a mobile telescopic transferred to push-pull peng to pay attention to the choice of awning frame. When selecting a push-pull tent we must not blind to choose, buy also can appear many problems, so will let consumers is difficult to solve these problems, might as well read more articles and then to choose a satisfactory push-pull tent.
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