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Pet tent manufacturers share the tent installation method

by:Muzi     2020-04-28
City life for a long time, always want to come out tourism mountain climbing, about three five friends, outdoor activities without tents, we commonly seen in children tent, beach tent, camping tent, but pet tent should be very rare. As living standards improve, more and more dog lovers also want to take their pets with, tent, and there is no city blatant, forget trouble, so what's the pet should sleep? Buy a pet tent has played a very important role. Tents are mainly stay on the ground and a temporary dwelling shed rain, sun, pet tent is generally made of canvas, along with support, increases with the increasing split shift. Tent is carrying parts of fashion, to be assembled after arrived at the scene, therefore, need a variety of parts and tools. Familiar with using the method can quickly and easily set up camp. Pay attention to the account, account outside the door to a direction, four angles on the four corners of which account ( In the inserted near the location of the curtain rod, you can find a place to hang) , also have a plenty of land for the four angles of external accounts also nailing, tent near the four corners, and see whether there are external accounts ring nail to nail, will let the account also sacks bulging at the seams, and the account no on the inside, so it rains, the account will not wet, and by breathing, morning outside account would be a layer of dew or frost, don't stick also won't get wet in the bill, but there are bad tent frost will be squared, ah, the early move, it's going to snow in the tent. Account there are some rope, are used to reinforce the tent, no winds generally can not pull, and land use nail, also in the best is not assured, some rope pull evenly. Rose up in the morning, if the day is good, it is best not to immediately closed tent, to dry slightly, if caught in the rain, the home must remember to spread out to dry, otherwise will be moldy. Tent down outside the bill first, in the tent to unplug after don't rush down the curtain rod, open the door, tent up shook, throw away the soil inside, and then on the ground and put the two curtain rod off a head, it can smooth out tents, tent pole from out, don't pull, curtain rod is plugged up, pull it. Finally, the curtain rod, a folded inside and outside the tent away back into the bag, don't throw the nail.
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