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Outdoor tent material aluminium pole or glass rod good choice

by:Muzi     2020-05-15
Outdoor tent is a lot of more phyletic, but on the material is divided into two kinds of glass fiber and aluminum alloy material, the two poles are referred to as glass rod and aluminum rod, the same quality of two tents with different material of poles of words will also vary considerably in price, such as a double tents, aluminum rod than glass rod hundreds more expensive, so glass rod and aluminum rod on the use of what is the difference? Which is better? To say which hold the best curtain rod can't give the exact answer, because it depends on your purpose, if a family outdoor road to buy a tent is play with a temporary rest, it spent eight hundred dollars on a natural seems too waste aluminum rod tent. Because, after all, is making a car which can drive to where to camp, it doesn't matter even if tents in heavy, this kind of situation to buy glass rod outdoor tents, I think is the best choice, because the tent performance-to-price ratio is high. For travelers to travel long distances weight problem is key, the diameter of the same length of two sets of stents, glass rod than aluminum rod weight more than half. In high mountain camping unavoidably have strong wind weather, glass rod wind loading at level 5 or so, and good aluminium pole tents against magnitude 7 winds. If there are any accidental damage in use, such as curtain rod breaking, the aluminum bar reflects its advantages, aluminum rod fracture is in the form of cross section, at the location of the fracture with a repair is to continue to use, and the glass rod is different, the glass rod belongs to the fiber properties, a break is splitting cannot repair. Based on the analysis of the above comparison, aluminum rod tent did better than glass rod tent, but good quality is based on high prices, the best is not necessarily the most appropriate, specific to see how to use environment.
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