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Outdoor camping than take camping tents

by:Muzi     2020-05-14
Like outdoor camping, should be a lot! You enjoy the rest of time looking for a fun place to about three or four friends on a camping trip together! But if it is just people camping must pay attention to the! Outdoor camping directly take camping tent is not just that simple, in addition to the camping tents and other things need to bring! 1, tents, camping tent is necessary, because the tent directly affect morpheus quality, can according to the season of outdoor place, to choose the right tent, conditional friend, advised to choose a good quality, wind rain, breathable tent. 2, medicines, because in the wild camping there will be a lot of insect ant, so drugs is a must-have items, before leaving, to predict possible condition, in case of no. 3, dampproof mat, or air cushion in the wild camping, the ground should be wet, on the market, there are physical dampproof mat or purchased inflatable sleeping pad, can effectively isolate the ground moisture, keep warm and sleep quality. 4, backpack camp according to the number of days can choose appropriate specifications of the backpack, backpack is often the most suitable for outdoor camping ground class, not only convenient and large capacity. Advised to choose a separate bag, can place the product classification. 5, headlights when camping in the evening, in an unfamiliar environment, may lack of security. Lamps and lanterns, ready before departure for nocturnal, subsequent or camp activities, hands free. 6, other items common outdoor equipment and water glass, telescope, waterproof bags, alpenstock, all kinds of cutting tools ( Swiss army knife) , compass, functional watches, GPS and so on, can according to their own requirements to make sufficient material preparation. These are all used in go camping! These people must pay attention to oh! Camping is necessary supplies.
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