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Our tent camping tents decomposition can make us better

by:Muzi     2020-05-11
Now young people always like to stimulate, go camping outside is a good choice, it is not the past camping at least is preparing for a camping tent, did not set a tent, in the tent for the first time, will think this is a difficult thing, you should also have such idea! Actually one kind of method, want to build a good thing, learn to break down this thing is a good choice, will hurt then has the possibility will pack, tents have such benefits. The tents of the decomposed 1, the rope: mainly used in fixed tents. 2, pillars: this is balance the tents of the parts, general tent has seven; 3, ground mat: spread on the floor mat, it often appears at the bottom of the tent; 4, roof: form the rake face of the part of the tent, is the use of PVC waterproof cloth; Actually the four is our tents of all the materials, structures, so difficult, when torn down later discovered that there is only so a little, understand the material, when set to have a very good method is set up, and we will find a lot of simple building, if you have the idea of camping out, then it's necessary to buy tents, our camping tent wholesale tents are good, but also the children made the princess castle tents, can give their children to do a, tent manufacturers can contact children in need.
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