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My brother Cameron was just eleven years of age

by:Muzi     2020-08-03

The troops' scouting abilities were put to the test with various games and tasks. Camping cooking was tested with a curry making contest. On the second day, the majority of senior boys went on a navigation exercise, which meant equipping themselves with rucksacks, gaiters and walking poles. The less active members of the group had been surprised to find an improbably large variety of camping furniture that offered comfort not usually associated with a camping trip. Having already enjoyed the superb sleeping equipment provided, many chose to relax rather than take part in the activities.

Cameron had prayed for good weather and his prayers were answered. However, it should not be forgotten that not being equipped with the right camping accessories can spoil a camping trip far more than inclement weather. A camper needs only to get wet and a general feeling of misery will take over. Too hot and hydration can present itself as an issue. Even with all of the advances in camping equipment and accessories over the years, whether in tents, rucksacks or GPS navigation, there doesn't yet appear to be accurate electronic local weather forecasting.

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