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In a camping tent and sleeping bag is essential

by:Muzi     2020-05-21
The weather turned cold, we in the outside camping with a camping tent is not enough, we also need a sleeping bag in low temperature weather to warm his own body, let oneself have a better sleep, so we need a sleeping bag when camping. Then with a sleeping bag at ordinary times what considerations? Teil share the matters needing attention when using a sleeping bag. 1. Don't wear thicker clothes into the sleeping bag to sleep, wear much not instead of warm and comfortable. 2. Don't wear wet clothes, wet socks into the sleeping bags. Avoid wet sleeping bag. 3. Sleeping bag must be kept dry, wet the sleeping bag is warm. Chemical fiber is still warm and dry fast, warm effect is very obvious decline. 4. New sleeping bag because squeezing in a bag for too long, volume will be very bad, it is warm enough. We must before use, unrolled sleeping bags make it fluffy, more fluffy will be more comfortable. 5. Sleeping bag after using, keep clean and tidy. If dirty, be sure to dry thoroughly after clean, make the sleeping bag while in a state of preservation, keeping warm effect. 6. Can take clothes and socks together into the sleeping bag, get out of bed is will be warmer and warmer. 7. Everyone should pay attention to when buying a sleeping bag using the limit temperature of the sleeping bag and a comfortable temperature range, choose the most suitable for you of the specifications of the sleeping bag. You must carefully choose a good sleeping bags when buying sleeping bag, because only good quality sleeping bags will make the evening sleep comfortably, and also be sure to choose suits own sleeping bag. Hope this article to be of help, if you want to buy camping tents, welcome to inquire teil leisure co. , LTD.
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