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Improve the quality of children's tent

by:Muzi     2020-05-13
Involved in the comfort and health of children, children tent production enterprise should pay attention to the quality of products. Inspection and quarantine departments in daily check children tent products in the process of supervision, summed up the following Suggestions focus on the content of the production enterprises. All kinds of nonwoven fabric, lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, selenium, antimony, arsenic, barium, heavy metals, such as 8 limit requirements of printing ink. This requirement, must be approved by the state authority of the third party inspection institution of qualified after put into production. Is well known, printing ink too much, to the unqualified children pose a health risk. Lead is a toxic substances, such as nerve, brain cells killer, could easily lead to excessive leads to mental retardation children, infants and young children, and children's health poses a great threat. Therefore, the need to provide qualified third party testing report and compliance statement of fabric suppliers, and control product quality and safety from the source. In the second place, the tent must be closed part of the ventilation requirements. In general, the majority of children are open tent, children playing in the process of don't have to worry about ventilation caused by breathing difficulties, but if you add the closed or in the design is fully enclosed, so they'll be shut down in tent body or a configuration adequate ventilation, in normal breathing of children, in order to ensure safety. The third is the nonwovens has the flame retardant performance, security identity, making trademark. Non-woven children tent combustion performance and general requirements plush toys, fabrics, close to the surface there will be no flame flicker responses. Children tent security label requirements also nots allow to ignore, enterprise should according to the characteristics of the production of various children's tent products, product specification, tell the consumer in the installation, the consideration in the process of use. Manufacturing trademark said manufacturing company name, address, contact information, etc. , in order to promote the product traceability. The fourth is to ensure children's tent structure joint is smooth, no harm. Children tent structure line connection, if you are using loose, it will form a cutting-edge, burrs, protruding from the tent fabric, cause harm to children. Therefore, there is only one interface from the original product riveting and riveted joint of the three current requirements, and in the plastic wrap package, to ensure that firmly riveted joint and avoid burr, to ensure that the procedure is safe and effective. Fifth, children's tent in finished nonwoven materials allows the needle. Children, in the form of nonwovens tent sewing process, the process of sewing needles and scissors tools, tools, although simple, but it is in the tent children played a decisive role in production, such as poor management, and ultimately produce children tent is easy to cause harm to children. To eliminate the potential accident, the enterprise must from the source control needle and sharp instrument, according to the actual situation of enterprises, formulate corresponding management program and needle and sharp, needle and sharp instrument set up collar, hair, change the record, hand care payment, production field need to be taken according to a fixed needle exchange, in order to ensure the whole production process in a controlled state of used needles and sharp instrument. At present, the children tent products are mainly used for indoor use, used in nonwovens tents don't have the requirement of the outdoor use, suitable for outdoor use, if necessary, you will need to comply with the relevant provisions of the supplier's special fabrics, fabric must have the double function of waterproof and resistance to radiation, in order to meet the need of outdoor.
Collectively, the effect of News on industrial society has been to eliminate outdoor tent manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with outdoor tent manufacturers.
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