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If you have not been camping in a while and need

by:Muzi     2020-07-28

If you are thinking about buying a camping tent, it is important to make sure you purchase a model that will meet the demands of your camping or hiking adventure. While there are not many things that can ruin a camping trip into the woods, the wrong tent in the wrong situation can be a recipe for disaster and can easily spoil the perfect getaway.

So the first step start's with a very basic question of what is the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent? As a general rule for buying a big camping tent that number would be 5 to 6 people or more. Take for an example, in my family we have 2 adults and 4 kids so we need a large family tent. The average comfortable floor space needed per person is about 30-35 square feet. So for my family we would need a tent with 180 sq ft. of floor space... which would be a 15x12 tent.

If you plan on going on a winter vacation, be sure to buy a winter tent designed to withstand cold temperature. If you are looking into a summer escapade, a beach tent or one with lots of mesh for proper ventilation is the smart choice. For those people who can't get enough of camping and who wish to do it all year round, 3- or 4-season tents are more appropriate.

Next thing to consider is if you want some privacy. Now remember you won't get much after all you are in a tent... but you can buy tents that have 2 or 3 rooms. Some are just simple screen dividers while others are more private. Depending on which tent you choose you can have a room for mom and dad, a room for the kids, separate rooms boys /girls etc., a room for all your gear... lot's of options available. Most of the large family tents made today have built in rooms or a way to make a couple of rooms or more... some even have shelves and closets.

Easy set up is another thing you have to look into when buying this equipment. Be sure that what you are planning to buy is easy to set up. Pitching a tent for hours can be frustrating. Not to mention, it consumes too much of your time when you should already be relaxing and enjoying the trip. Go for those that have color-coded poles or easy to read and understand manual for quick and simple set-up.

Choose a tent with waterproof rainfly. The waterproof rainfly outside the tent wall will help reduce condensation. Because breathing will allow the accumulation of humid air inside the tent, you should expect fine particles of ice that will get over your body and your gears. The rainfly can provide better insulation as it relatively increases unmoving air space layers, thus, can make the inside tent's temperature ten to twenty degrees warmer. The bottom line is, buy camping tents that are simple, durable and comfortable.

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