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If you have an event coming up where kids will be present

by:Muzi     2020-08-10

We all remember what it was like to go inside a couch fort or a tent and pretend to be magically transported to a fun and fantasy world. Bounce houses offer that same closed in feeling, but with much more room than our couch forts had!

Bounce Houses -Different Types

Even though all bounce houses are essentially put together the same, you have a ton of different choices to choose from depending on what kind of kids you will have at your event. The thing about kids is that they usually like a theme and stick with that preference, so making your decision based around the kids is a very smart choice.

For instance, if you are holding a young girls' birthday party, then you may want to get a Dora bounce house or a Barbie bounce house. Because most girls love these two characters, you will find that they can spend hours not only bouncing, but using their imagination and playing out stories as well. It is not uncommon for a Barbie house to become an instant Barbie playhouse.

If you are throwing a birthday party for a boy, you have many choices. For instance, a Cars house will have them pretending to drive as they bounce around. A Batman will have the boys pretending to fly and fight crime. In short, no matter which one you choose, the boys will be able to play out their favorite story lines inside.

Of course you can always choose from classic themes such as a jungle bounce house where kids can meet elephants and hippos. Or, an Elmo where kids can pretend to be their favorite Sesame Street character. These types will work well for all kids.

Other Reasons Bounce Houses Are So Popular

ousesBesides the fact that kids love them and can spend hours using their imagination inside of them, bounce houses really take it up a notch and offer kids good old fashioned exercise.

Because many situations do not call for vigorous exercise anymore, kids are having a harder time finding reasons to be active. Inside a bounce house, however, kids do not even feel like they are exercising at all. They feel as though they are having fun, which makes exercise a side-effect to the real reason they are inside jumping around.

Bounce houses set up very quickly and efficiently. You do not need to look around for parts. All you have to do is unfold, lay it flat, attach the air pump, and watch it blow up. However, most bounce house rentals will do the work for you, which leaves you more time to get ready for the event.

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