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If when camping tent pole not how to set up tents

by:Muzi     2020-05-06
Many people will choose to hike like outdoor sports, can exercise the body, still can enhance their ability and survival ability. At this time is certainly need to take a camping tent, so sleeping of time in the outdoor, can get a relatively safe tent clean space. Sometimes camping will encounter all sorts of emergency, such as camping if tent pole is not should how to set up tents? Let's camping tents wholesale manufacturer to tell you. Tent pole is not in the tents that possibility is tent and tent pole points open, sometimes don't have, is sometimes take tent and take tent pole dispersed, and there's more tent pole fracture damage, encounter this kind of situation we want to be clear, tent pole supporting role is actually called a few cloth rod, if you are not in the camp, snow-capped mountains, wind weather strength requirement is not very big, so it is easier to find alternative supplies in the wild. Good is bamboo, toughness strength, if you cannot find, use a knife cut a long thin wooden sticks, almost don't find LaoZhi principle is to find new branch, don't get wet branches to find branch, so that the branch have greater resilience. Was added to see another post introduces the field of lightning protection method is one of the metal tent pole in ten meters away from the tent where do lightning rod, obviously want to camp out at this time only with branches instead of tent pole. This is our wholesale manufacturers tell your tent camping tent. To be on the safe side, we must go together when camping, don't go too remote. And if you want to spend the night in the outdoor, please carry camping tents. If you want to buy camping tents, please choose our camping tent wholesale manufacturers. Our camping tent wholesale price is very favourable.
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