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How to use and maintenance of outdoor tent

by:Muzi     2020-05-04
Outdoor sports becoming a release stress, relieve fatigue mood of popular sports, outdoors interaction at the same time avoid the sun, then we will be ready in advance tents, according to the different kinds of the tent material will be different, a lot of not enough good tent is can not stand the wind rain over a long period of time, will soon fade, teil and leisure co. , LTD. Produces tents are durable, more will not fade. Then bring together by us know about the use and maintenance of tents. Some new multi-worlds and encamped in the field, may not be able to correct use of tents. To be honest, if you buy again good tent, use bad as uncomfortable. Gadolinium account pin, don't 90 degree Angle under the nail, nail account should be and the Angle of the right angles to the curtain rod, will be the largest fixed resistance. So usually 45 - with the ground 60 degree Angle to the nail. The side of the tent, bottom must be open, taut under the nail to separation, both inside and outside, at the same time, can form the air circulation to reduce the possibility of condensation water in the account. Maybe a lot of tents on the market has no such design, personally, I suggest you can add to the specific practice is in the middle of the bottom side position, sew a rubber rubber ring ( It is best to use double coil length can be adjusted according to the terrain) Nail, when using, can use the account about to open it. Tent rope must be stretched, but don't tied in knots ( When camping met a lot of friends is to put the tent rope tied knot to use) 。 Outdoor equipment need maintenance, tents, too, will save the tents regularly with a soft cloth to wipe the paint surface, avoid contact with acid and alkaline when stored in chemical and oil content, hot tent if accidentally leave a white mark, general with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or tea can wipe wet cloth, if still could not handle heavy paint it again. If some children crayons the wound daub of raw material, we can use a thin coated with a layer of transparent nail polish, both to keep the paint integrity, at the beginning of the also can easily solve the problem.
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