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How to set up tent?

by:Muzi     2020-05-20
How to set up tent? Usage is not the same as all kinds of tents, say first ordinary tents set method.   First choose camp, account inside the tent flat out on the floor, Generally is the internal account, but there are also some external accounts get first account in the drill to hang, such as, the principle is the layer in which need to wear a tent pole) , take out the folding tent pole to be tall straight, with a long stem, according to the directions wear into the tent curtain rod set above, common tent is cross tees.   After two rod wear well. Each lever of a head into the tent in the holes on the Angle, and then two people hold two heads, the stem into the top, make tent arch rise, until to the side of the head is inserted into the holes, inserted, the shape of the tent is, the corner of the curtain rod tied, choose the direction of the door, you can fix the tent to the ground. The four corners of the land use nail, hook, ring into the soil, the account to make bottom unfolded, the whole tent sacks bulging at the seams. To hang outside account, open the external accounts, including account, tent is set up. Notice & have spent Pay attention to the account within and outside the door of the account can be in one direction, four angles on the four corners of which account In the inserted near the location of the curtain rod, you can find a place to hang) , also have a plenty of land for the four angles of external accounts also nailing, tent near the four corners, and see whether there are external accounts ring nail to nail, will let the account also sacks bulging at the seams, and the account no on the place, so that the fish, the account will not wet, and by breathing, morning outside account would be a layer of dew or frost, don't stick also won't get wet in the bill, but there are bad tent frost will be squared, ah, the early move, it's going to snow in the tent.   Account there are some rope, are used to reinforce the tent, no winds generally can not pull, and land use nail, also in the best is not assured, some rope pull evenly. Rose up in the morning, if the day is good, it is best not to immediately closed tent, to dry slightly, if caught in the rain, the home must remember to spread out to dry, otherwise will be moldy. Tent down outside the bill first, in the tent to unplug after don't rush down the curtain rod, open the door, tent up shook, throw away the soil inside, and then on the ground and put the two curtain rod off a head, it can smooth out tents, tent pole from out, don't pull, curtain rod is plugged up, pull it. Finally, the curtain rod, a folded inside and outside the tent away back into the bag, don't throw the nail.
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