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how to make a snowman pop-up card | ehow

by:Muzi     2020-03-17
How to make a snowman pop musicUp Card.
Let your child send 3-
Holiday greetings for this simple pop musicup card.
Use a blank greeting card or stock of cards that have been cut into the required size and folded into half.
A folding card of 6 by 8 inch works well in this project.
Draw or trace the shape of the snowman on a separate thick sheet of white paper.
It is better to have card paper or cardboard.
The Snowman should be one. half to three-
Quarter of card length (4 to 6 inches)and three-
The quarter of the width of the greeting card (4 1/2 inches).
Outline the shape of the snowman with black felt
A tip or permanent marker.
Decorate the snowman with crayons, acrylic paints or marker pens.
Draw a vertical line along both sides of the snowman with a ruler and pencil.
Place each row 2 inch from the widest place of The Snowman.
Cut along the exterior of the snowman outline with scissors, so that the black mark left in step 3 remains.
Leave the uncut 2-inch-
There is a long page in the center of each side of the Snowman.
Make sure both labels are centered and even centered with each other. (
Note: If your card is less than 6 by 8 inch, please set the label to 1 inch instead of 2 inch. )
Fold the snowman half vertically and put the blank side together.
Make a sharp crease spread.
Fold the label on the side of the snowman below 1/2.
Make a sharp crease.
Place the snowman on the open greeting card so that the center of the snowman folds in line with the center of the card;
Please keep in mind that snowman folding should object to card folding.
Determine the location of the label based on the distance you want the snowman to pop up.
Mark the two points of the label with a pencil to make sure they are equal distance from the edge. Glue the 1/2-inch, folded-
The back part of the label is located on the surface of the card in order to pop-up-
The Up shape remains in the position determined in step 7.
Let the glue dry.
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