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How to build the dome camping tent

by:Muzi     2020-04-14
Dome camping tent is camping tent now one of the most common types. Now the development of society, people demand for safety and outdoor life also in unceasing increase. Many consumers will choose to camping. Prepare for a camping tent is very common. Camping tents wholesale manufacturers is to say the dome camping tents, how to build the dome camping tent set up way: like most of the tent, the dome tent can also be placed in a simple and easy in the backpack. After out of the bag, tent out, it will usually have a seam in damp cloth. As stated earlier, there should be a layer of polyethylene film on the tent, to block out the dirt, keep the tent clean and tidy. Now the assembly support bar. Have more than one part have different colours on the tent, you should keep the same color of the support rod inserted into the corresponding socket. Will support bar of the sleeve, do not pull them, because it is very easy to plug up the support bar. Generally speaking, it is best in promoting the support bar to hold the sleeve, and as far as possible will support bar together, making the number of support bar in each sleeve and the same length. Then will support bar bent into a semicircle, and began to the ends of the fixed on the fabric cloth. If there are two people, it is easy to a responsible end. If the tent size is larger, the best one in it carried the support bar and tent, and there was another man who is responsible for the connection end of the support bar and the fabric of cloth on the ground. Support bar and there are two main types of fabric cloth belt fixed. Children's tent manufacturer USES is to: one by button on the top of the support bar is set, it can just plug into fixed in the fabric cloth belt hole on the ground. More common is a ring and pin fixed way, pin inserted into the hollow support bar end. Although the children tent manufacturer will try to promote the advantages of your own way, but the two methods are very strong, can choose. The four pillars support bar at the top of the fixed onto the fabric cloth belt, tent will present a dome shape. Now you need to install the tent on the supporting frame. Some tents using elastic clamp, some use simple fixed rope fastened, some tents using Velcro. Some clip is essential, because the sleeve cover only a third tent top side. Along the entire length of the fixed support bar, can appear the full dome shape. Now is placed outside the tent. Outside the need and pitched outside the tent, when a strong wind, it would be very difficult, so if possible, by two people to do as much as possible. Outer tent during installation to ensure that the tent door, window and the porch of the gate position such as correct. Also need to consider any special place, such as you place the porch of the support bar, you need to set aside its position when hold up the account. At this point, the need to tent lace-up or clip clamps, some people need to account and tents outside to fixed or finishing. Now will use rope line hook ground outside account. Make sure the line does not block the door, or any part of the tent. A good advice is to nail tents placed on either side of the door, so that you can use a pull cord convenient zipper. Although different tent manufacturer installation method will be slightly different, but these basic principles apply to all flexible support bar yurts. According to the above way, camping tent can be a good match. The progress of the society, frequent travel, camping tents, wholesale demand is more and more. Reasonable choice suits own, like the color is very important. Camping tents wholesale manufacturer can provide all kinds of camping tents. The princess castle also accept children tents.
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