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For the first time to buy outdoor tent color with what good

by:Muzi     2020-05-03
Many outdoor sports enthusiasts in purchasing outdoor tent for the first time the choice of a color at a loss, but a good color tent will make your travel trip perfect comfortable, camped out at the same time you will have a sweet dream. We want to know, to choose tent is not a market to buy food, choose suitable tent can play its unique role, so we in the first time to buy outdoor tent color with what color? Good tent to buy what color: 1, the curtains of choose and buy, should choose bright color. Purpose: to facilitate others to find and rescue when demand. Intention is to wake color can easily in the forest, desert, beach, snow and bad weather was found, for the campers and climbers, colorful curtains of camp can cut lost status of attacks. Defect: some conditions, in the picturesque local uneasily, present a dissonant color curtains, will be regarded as a kind of visual pollution. So, if the visitors many, is unlikely to attack the local emergency try to choose the colour of harmony with the environment better. 2, the other, the color of the curtains will affect the internal curtains of light and temperature, such as curtains pervious to light of high brightness, high heat conduction in together will be higher. And low light curtains of light penetration will be poor, also can block off some natural heat of the sun give us affect individual activities within the curtains, particularly in a climate owe good condition more can feel the difference of the two. Tent color selection based on: 1, the curtains are mostly yellow or orange is commonly used in snow mountain, it looks very professional attitude, but if use most of the time used for low altitude mountains through activities, yellow is relatively easy to recruit external accounts small flying insects. So introduce the colour is gorgeous wake intention such as blue, green, red, orange color, there are lovely pink curtains, etc. 2, if be the summer on hainan island, or plateau glacier, is bound to use white, uv protection. 3, if be the investigation of wild animals, is to use green camouflage. 3, if be the weather of snow, colour is gorgeous as well, in order to find the 'nest'. About what color to buy tents for the first time to buy good and the color of tent selected on the basis of the knowledge, we have to be here to share, if be people, better with different colors, facilitate differences, lest enter wrong, especially when both sexes to mix together. Other want to buy what color of the curtains can understand next curtains what brand is good, buy curtains to front shop, back factory and see, there are little curtains, curtains, homemade curtains and indoor curtains, etc. The colour is completely here, diverse styles.
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