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Do you know how camping tents should be clean

by:Muzi     2020-05-01
As people living standard rise, people began to more and more to enjoy life, enjoy the personal leisure time, about three two friends over the weekend, bring my family to go out camping, picnic, relax the better. Camp said that essential affirmation is tent, tent is how to choose and buy must have before we have already mastered, tent will dirty after use, so after we used up a tent is certainly to clean of the tent, tent is how to clean. Below we camping tents wholesale manufacturers to tell everybody camping tents cleaning method. Camping tents cleaning method 1. Clean inside and outside the tent account, nail, poles, main cleaning stick in the mud, dust, rain and snow, and bugs, etc. Clean up the tent floor, wipe the sediment, if there is a slight pollution available water scrub. 2. Outdoor tent never machine wash, or it will damage the tent coating completely, plastic pressure, make your tent scrap, flushing, hand rub cleaning method. 3. Unfavorable clean with washing supplies, particularly dirty part can swab with cloth, never use hard objects such as brush to scrub tents, can damage the tent outside account of waterproof coating, undermine its waterproof. 4. Outdoor tent after clean, it is important to put the tents in ventilated place dry thoroughly. Especially net yarn tents, must be fully dry, or you will make the fabric mildew stick together, reduce the service life of outdoor tent. This is tent cleaning method, I hope you don't forget the tent after using for cleaning. We are the children tent manufacturer, business wholesale beach tents, children's princess castle tents made welcome to inquire.
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