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Common supporting method of three kinds of camping tents

by:Muzi     2020-05-17
Like outdoor camping knows that tent is actually a very deep knowledge, need to learn more knowledge of camping tents, to choose a tent, a lot of female friends for the tent is feel very novel, but I don't know is how to support the camping tents, teil below tent manufacturer to introduce the method of three common support camping tent: 1, inside outside support, which is supporting the bill, then outside waterproof tents covered, then fixed up. The last method is convenient, most tents outside in support of the support method; 2, hang hang, namely hold up outside the bill first, then put the bill on the outside. The support method is more conducive to rain, because always hung with the account within and outside the tent to keep a certain distance, but support for the first time it takes some time. E225 using this support method; 3, single frame support, again land the top and pull on the rope. This tent support environment are limited, must be able to nail pierced or rope environment, in the cement floor and hard rock ground, tents stand does not automatically. And roof tent pole account to use this method of support. About three kinds of support methods of the camping tents, we have to be here to introduce you to, want to learn how to hold up tents, still need to practice more at ordinary times to practice. If you want to buy used tents, children tents, toys, tents and other products, can telephone contact teil leisure order!
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