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Common shape of camping tents

by:Muzi     2020-05-16
With the continuous improvement of living standards, many people are fond of some exciting games, fun, like camping in the wild, like this kind of travel is like to go to some place such as forest, grassland, this should you are understanding! A lot of people in our life are more important for us, choose a good camping tent, is there is a big help to us, you know what shape camping tent? Follow me camping tents wholesalers to understand once! Bottom shape tent camping tent: hold up like a locked to come over after the boat, and can be divided into two pole, three different ways of support, generally in the middle of the bedroom, two head for TingPeng, pays attention to the wind flow in the design, is one of the common style tents. Tent roof shape: shape is like a small independent roof, support is usually the corners of four columns, similar to the structural formula of roof rack above a ridge, the tent is compared commonly big, bulky, and suitable for motorists or camping use relatively fixed field operations, a vehicle tent said. Dome shape tent ( Also called ger) : adopt double pole cross support, tear open outfit is convenient, is the market popular style. Triangle tent: before and after using herringbone iron pipe bracket, a middle frame rail connection, hold up inside account, can be installed on the account, this is common in the early style of tent. Hexagonal tent: adopt three or four pole cross support, also some use six rod design, pay attention to the stability of the tent, 'mountain' is a common style of tent. Everybody like this tent? Like the shape of the tent? In our life and have a good help, especially when we go out to play, go out to play in the wild, called on the two friends, go out to play together, there is your favorite type? Have you can buy! Our children tent manufacturer wholesale camping tents, children made the princess castle tents, everyone has the need to can telephone contact us.
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