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Children should be how to the princess castle tent away?

by:Muzi     2020-04-25
Children's princess castle is a lot of children like a tent can be used to play, can be used to sleep the toys, and children's princess castle tent is very bright color can get a lot of people love, children are very like this colorful tents, but also can sleep in it, but how children should be to the princess castle tent away? With customized business know about the children's princess castle tent! Closed tent method a beat: both hands palm down on the arbitrary a diagonal middle bracket, a little pat down hard, tents before back to pull open the state. A wrap: the four angles of tents to fold away. Inside account according to the fold of the bed, outside account through the account to the top, let the cloth fall naturally, then the four edges of the external accounts ( There is a wind rope) Fold together, then the bill DingZhang bottom half. Use inside and outside the account curtain rod to roll up the nail into packaging bags. About the princess castle children tent order method to understand the tent away? In fact is, after all, children use, away it is more convenient! If you have a need to buy camping tents teil wholesale or other product customization can call contact children tent factory.
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