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Children should be how to support the tent and fixed

by:Muzi     2020-05-22
Tent is everybody is seen, are generally will use to the picnic, camping tents and children is a children's toy, can be set up at home, and, of course, can also be set up for a picnic in the park, a lot of children are very like children tent, but how to build better? Let our children tent manufacturer about how to build it, mainly from two aspects of support and fixation. Tent corners, rolled out within shall, first of all, the fixed account make tents bottom in ground upper berth pacified, if there are any conditions, but under the tent block mat, it can protect the bottom of the tent, also can achieve better waterproof effect. Support outside the tent, besides connected with peng pole reliable, pay special attention to pull the leash, make tight external accounts, and achieve good rain, external accounts have skirt the edge of the tent, the application of soft soil or sandy soil pressure is good, pressure can also be snow in winter, so that more conducive to the wind. The nail fixed due a Angle, Angle to 35 - It is advisable to 45 degrees, the nail into the distance and direction and leash same axis, leash and form an Angle of 90 degrees, it helps to achieve greater mechanical strength. Should be paid attention to the corresponding fixed on the fixed order, example: first left anterior horn, in turn, right rear, right front Angle, Angle after left, the whole tent after fixation, adjust the leash stay to that all aspects of pull force. Hold good tent, check the distance between the inside and outside account, if put together, the rain and dew, shall be adjusted.
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