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Children should be how to build the princess castle tent

by:Muzi     2020-04-16
Now all kinds of children's toys, many children like playing house, the princess castle children tent can provide a good space for children, when children playing house inside, have the sense more, this is her little castle, can let her feel more secure, also have their own space. Let our children the princess castle customized tent manufacturer tell you children should be how to build the princess castle tents. Children's princess castle tents set up first, expand the children tent frame for half open state, and then put tents mask tent frame, the corners of the folding tent glutinous good QQ, four-sided center with a nut can be fixed. Operator, please the second half squat down in the center of the tents stent upward roof support, so that we can make tent even force open. Third, hold the tent until the post with his left hand tightening stent corners, four corners in this way in turn. Fourth, on the pillar corners of tents, with their feet and then upward folding tent columns, be sure to carefully firstly ascend. Children's princess castle tents set up and ordinary tent is not the same, because children princess castle tent with the style of the castle, is round, and ordinary tent is triangular. Children's princess castle tent tent build can provide more in line with your requirements. Our children tent manufacturer offers made the princess castle tents, camping tents, wholesale and children if you are interested, welcome to inquire.
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