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Children's tent manufacturer will teach you how to put up our tent

by:Muzi     2020-05-24
Can't bring tents we usually go out to travel, because when we go out to travel will get good hotel or hotel, but there are a lot of friends like to go to a more open grass or the top of the mountain to play, like this one are generally will bring tents, so we set a tent, when playing can inside the tents to have a rest at noon, but if it is a night to night we will pay more attention to protect the surrounding environment, because if the place such as the forest when there will be some snake pest ants and other insects, so we set a tent is important, so how should take? Below we children tent manufacturer to tell you. Children tent set up method first, expand the children tent frame for half open state, and then put tents mask tent frame, the corners of the folding tent glutinous good QQ, four-sided center position with nut can be fixed. Operator, please the second half squat down in the center of the tents stent upward roof support, so that we can make tent even force open. Third, hold the tent until the post with his left hand tightening stent corners, four corners in this way in turn. Finally, on the pillar corners of tents, with their feet and then upward folding tent columns, be sure to carefully firstly ascend. Actually children tents tents set up is very convenient, because this is children tent, so it is more convenient for us, stable and relatively fixed, can let the child play, and generally the color is very bright, can be popular with many children, the play also more convenient, when we are children tent manufacturer, the main business is wholesale camping tents, children made the princess castle tents, if has the need to dealers can contact our manufacturer, welcome calls to order.
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