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Children's tent manufacturer told you to buy children tent when should pay attention to these points!

by:Muzi     2020-04-23
Home there are many would give their children to buy tent, and sometimes will in their own home sitting room below set up tent sleep one night, the children are particularly fond of such tents, children tents are, after all, is colorful, and has a very cute cartoon characters, popular children's favorite! But do you know? Children in the purchase of the tent is a place where there are still a lot of is need to notice! What attention to pay attention to, listen to the children's tent manufacturer and you say! Children tent to buy note 1: the strut: as thick as possible, material: DAC ( South Korean imports of aluminium alloy rod, extreme environment professional tent use)> aluminum alloy ( General professional high-end leisure tents tents and use)> fiberglass rod ( Leisure series use) 2: tents to protection water index: 1000 mm above the higher the better if you just use the tent in the spring, summer, autumn three season, and it is used in low altitude ( Below 2000 m) Glass rod, ordinary PU1000 to 1500 tents will be enough. Three: fabric: in>> nylon Oxford cloth, washing general leisure, nylon and washing, used is also good, Greg, Oxford is commonly used in professional outdoor sports, such as limit applies to snow mountain environment, criterion: the greater the density, the better. These three points are our children in the purchase tents, place, should pay attention to this for us is a big help! If you wholesale for our camping tent, children's princess castle tent has the need to make order, can be directly call consulting our children tent manufacturer!
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