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Children's tent manufacturer to resolve how to set the outdoor tent

by:Muzi     2020-05-02
Spring is a good season all the year round, spring, spring outing, go on spring outing as an indispensible way to travel, want to let spring outing, it makes more sense to match a tent should be very perfect, so we should be how to set the outdoor tent, children tent manufacturer to resolve for you. 1, take out the glass tube within the packaging. Look tube is a mess, in fact, a total of only two. Will each section respectively inserted tube in the middle silver casing. 2, will be outside the tent up and then down to the ground. The two root tube along the diagonal respectively through the column. This step must be careful, otherwise it will damage the column tube and cloth. 3, the four corners of edge plastic round hole in the tube respectively inserted into the tent. This step must be to insert a tube inserted again the other one. 4, at the top of the tent, will be two cloth through tube knot, maintain the stability of tube. 5, the tent with rectangular cloth hook on the ribbon ring, respectively, to cover the top of the tent. 6, use nail tents four corners fixed on the ground. If in windy weather can cooperate storm rope fixed tents together. Wuyi children tent factory said above, if you want to set a tent is actually very simple, if you have not understand can also out of the tent when buy installation instructions, carefully reading must be installed.
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