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Children's tent manufacturer through 020 closed-loop fog, keep up with the trend of the Internet

by:Muzi     2020-04-22
Children's tent manufacturer through 020 closed-loop fog, keep up with the trend of the Internet. With the developed trend of Internet information, more and more consumers like to online shopping, so that some businesses were forced to enter the Internet transformation, 020 the era of big data, both in long distance and information gap can avoid. Teil good leisure products company with the model of 020 fully online resources, so the user further deals. But enterprises to further into the electricity, the final page or to solve the problem of closed-loop 020 enterprises. O2O is not a simple online for offline drainage, but online interaction of double drainage operation mode. By means of O2O, provide quick and convenient for consumers, online offline improving customer service and experience, enhance the experience center for customers of viscosity. In the process of market transactions, the nature of the O2O not on line and offline, but connecting customers and products. At present most of the O2O electric business platform require consumers to order online, offline, but from a user perspective, the electric business platform O2O link of closed loop is not businesses or consumers' real demand, and even let the consumer shopping experience becomes more complicated. The biggest difficulty for enterprise, realizes the O2O is online closed-loop. O2O closed loop is to point to to achieve docking between two o and circulation. Online marketing, publicity and promotion, will flow to lead the consumer experience, the deal. But this is just a O2O mode of trade, have not done the closed loop, to achieve closed-loop, from offline and back line up. Offline users of consumption experience feedback, offline to online communication, this is to realize the closed loop behavior such as online experience, this is the online enterprises need to be committed to achieving double drainage operation mode. Children tent manufacturer O2O this mode actually throughout is 'data', not only in front of the docking success needs the support of data requirements and service, also can produce a new round of data, the data also should be feedback to online, thus promotes the feedback iteration of the whole system. Companies can use perfect CRM O2O contains large data management system, provide large data support for the marketing chain of each link, to a greater increase sales, increase the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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