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Children's tent manufacturer Jane about children's tent price

by:Muzi     2020-05-23
Now many parents pay attention to children's outdoor activities, outdoor activities can cultivate children's ability and the ability to perceive the nature charm, especially camping but also can let the child closer to the nature. This time is to buy a children's tent, children tent what about the price? The following children tent manufacturer Jane about children's tent price. Children tent price according to different brand price is different, after the purchase according to the following installation methods: 1. First choose camp, account inside the tent flat out on the floor, Generally is the internal account, but there are some first hang outside the tent up inside the drill into the account, in principle is the layer in which need to wear a tent pole) Wrapped in together with the tent of screw fittings such as bag, rod bag aside. 2. Remove the folding tent pole, docking, tall straight, connect a long rod 3. The long fiber rod wear into the tent camp tube ( Also known as the pipe) , some double account is hanging inside, will hook on the fiber rod. There are a few lever to wear at the same time. 4. Insert one end of the fiber rod tent base Angle of the eyelet hole or needle ring ( Some tents with needle ring, each have benefits) (on the other side, Diagonal) In one hand and a rod in one hand and tent feet, slowly will lever arch, tent shored up and then insert the rod inside the base of eyelet ring or needle. 5. Finally is hung outside account, open the external accounts, including account. Attention should be paid to the account, account outside the door can be in one direction, four angles on the four corners of which account ( Near the plug tent pole position
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