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Children's tent manufacturer analysis factors affect the price of the wedding tent

by:Muzi     2020-04-24
Tent is a lot of families use, like children's tent is a lot of parents and their children to buy some children also like to sleep in a tent at night, but children's tent manufacturer and we analysis instead of this type of tent wedding tents, analysis of factors affect the price of the wedding tent with you. Conventional wedding tent quotation for about 200 - 300 / sq m, depending on the demand of awning room specifications size calculation, if need larger span or equipped with high-end configuration, the price even higher, of course, there are few manufacturer can offer dozens of tent rental for a square low prices, but if the situation of itself to many times to undertake wedding, or choose to buy wedding tent will be affordable for many, because the tent is using aluminum alloy material for Celtic, has 20 years of life, even to buy back and long-term lease use many times are not affect the quality! Provide variable span tent, for let the tent has a better applicability for the wedding, at the same time also on the type of wedding awning room has a variety of choice, in addition to conventional pointed canopy outside the room, herringbone canopy room, plus a spherical tents, tent arch, transparent awning room and so on a variety of choices, even can also be a variety of tent combination for large wedding area, meet the demand of personalized wedding with your heart! This is a personal point of view, does not represent all, concrete or suit and sales contact in this regard, we have a wholesale camping tents, children's princess castle tent order, has the need to welcome to contact.
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